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Check out the various loans to suit your demands on a short term basis

Whenever we talk of loans, there arises a question regarding the type of loan that can be provided by company and type that is required by concerned person.

What is most important to note is that there are a number of loans that are available for people to take to suit their needs. However, it is best that before taking a loan a person should consult actual amount that can be taken and how this whole loan can be properly used and paid back in best possible manner.

How loans are taken:

There are a variety of loans that are there for people to choose from. As per a person’s requirement choice can be made.

In loans category as well, there are secured and unsecured loans. In case of secure loans one generally needs a strong credit history since they are long term.

However in case of unsecured loans, as its need is on emergency basis, hence the person needs to apply for it in a short time and credit history does not quite matter in this respect.

Various types of loans:

Logbook loans:

This is quite an emergency loan type, where one can keep his or her car, or any other vehicle as collateral. Taken for a very short period, its features are:

  • Range that can be borrowed is within 250 to 50000 pounds.
  • Interest rate is at 9.45%.
  • There is a small time a period within which it has to be returned, and the car is released on return of monetary amount.

Standing within the unsecured category of loan, it’s payback period is short and thereby the rate of interest charged is high making it a onetime burden. – More info here.

Guarantor loans:

This is also a loan taken during emergency purpose and it is f the unsecured type. There is no need to have a strong credit history for applying for this loan and the person involved should only have ability to return money within the specified time period.

  • Amount that can be borrowed is between 1000 to 8000 pounds.
  • The rates of interest is high and can change as per the company prefers.
  • The time period of return is small.

Loans for bad credit:

This is the most important type of unsecured loan which is given to people who have a very bad credit history. In this case, the loan is generally asked for in case of emergencies and the person concerned has to have a fixed bank account and stability of the job to pay back the amount.

  • The person can borrow an amount between 500 to 15000 pounds.
  • Approval has to be made in a very short term case.
  • Rates of interest are high and variable.

Final note:

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