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Taking a loan is a huge responsibility. It is not just payment of the loan that matters, rather it is also the way the payment can be made, the time period for which this amount can be borrowed and quite other factors that are to be taken into account.

Only when given criteria are completed can the loan application be taken to be completely granted.

However, there is no need to worry since, we at Native Fish loans make it a point to provide the perfect loans as per one’s need and take care of the person’s financial aspects at a personal level. With us you can be sure that there will be no reason for you to worry and thus the whole ordeal of taking a loan will be completely met with.

Now question arises, that instead of other companies that has been there in the market, why would you choose us?

Speciality of being with us:

We make sure that the person’s financial needs are met in first instance. At current market standards, rates of 12 month loan are 38% per annum, with the amount being 2500 pound for a period of 12 months.

Contrary to other financial companies that make sure that the payment is made on time, we provide ample time to the person to return the loan.

Reasons for choosing us:

  • Fixed rate of interest:

We make sure that interest rates of our loans are affordable. Not just that, other financial companies make it a point to increase their rates of interest every 6 months. Whereas, we make it a point to keep rates fixed and suit the needs of the person. Our 12 months loan facility has a constant rate of interest and compared to others it has a lower interest rate that is charged.

  • No additional charges are required:

This is also important, since there are other financial companies that make sure that charges are taken for consultancy purposes. But with Native Fish you can be sure to get perfect consultancy service, but that too at very affordable rates. This can be very well seen in how the rates are nil for the 12 months loan with us, compared to that of other financial sectors.

  • Longer time to pay back:

We make sure that there is no pressure on the customers to pay back loan in a hurry. Person who has taken the loan can easily return it as per his feasibility. We at Native Fish understand their problems and thereby make sure that there is no pressure involved. The 12 months loan period can be extended and thus the people may be given the opportunity to be careful in this regard.

  • No need to have a perfect credit score:

This is quite an important task, wherein people can easily apply for loans, even if they do not have a good past credit score. Since emergency cases ask for short term loans, hence one can be sure that the person should only have credibility of a payback condition to make sure that the loan is approved. Other conditions are adjusted as per demands.

So here’s your chance to contact us at Native Fish loans to get the best quality 12 months short term loan in market and make sure that all your problems have a perfect solution!